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Happy New Year 12/29/2010

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Prior to 2010 I was a clumsy cook at best. No, I’m not going to write about my last year’s cooking experiments that led me to ER both Thanksgiving and Christmas eve 🙂 . Those memories are better left well hidden.

The experience on this site and the wonderful feedback and comments shared from so many amazing people elevated my cooking skills and made me aware of a wide variety of recipes I would have never imaged. I have come to enjoy writing my blog and sharing my pictures and comments with you and have equally enjoyed reading the blogs written by all of you out there…

Without you I don’t think I would have made it so far and I know with you by my side I’m going to stay a while around here. Thank you so much for visiting, reading my blog and for all the kind and encouraging words you said to me.

Last, but not least, Thank you for sharing all those wonderful recipes and tips that made me the cook I’m today.

Tonight I’m going to say Goodbye to 2010 and  Welcome 2011

May this year of 2011 be

A year of Health and Happiness

A year of Wealth and Wisdom

A year of Peace and Prosperity

A year of Glee and Glow

A year of Love and Laughter


Happy New Year my Friends


Disclosure: None of the photos in this post belong to me


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