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Gone to the beach 11/15/2010

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Just wanted to let you know I’m away till Thanksgiving. I’ll still read your blogs but won’t post any recipe until I get back home, well, maybe I’ll share some lovely (if I take any)  pictures with you, I’ll see


See ya


17 Responses to “Gone to the beach”

  1. norma Says:

    Have a great time and Happy T day to you and yours.

  2. Aaawwww lucky you!!! Enjoy your little vacation 🙂

  3. Have a great vacation!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing vacation:)

  5. Dimah Says:

    Have fun on your vacation!

  6. Monet Says:

    Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy that beautiful beach!

  7. enjoy yourself! take lots of pictures:)

  8. pansy Says:

    ce aer de ete indien ! enjoy!

  9. beautiful picture of the beach have fun

  10. have fun! love the “gone to the beach” sign 🙂

  11. zerrin Says:

    Wish you a very nice vacation! Love the picture here!

  12. fooddreamer Says:

    Have a wonderful time! We are all envious!

  13. Thanksgiving at the beach sounds fantastic! Enjoy 🙂

  14. mangocheeks Says:

    Enjoy your vacation.

  15. Lisa Says:

    Aww have fun. So jealous! And hope you share photos (=

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